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Discover Your True Self
Through Yoga & Ayurveda

Are you ready to jump in?

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Hi, I'm Eszter. 

Your body-mind-soul advocate.

Having experienced the benefits of Yoga & Ayurveda I have made it my mission to share the ancient wisdom with you!

Yoga and Ayurveda are two “sister”practices rooted in the Vedic tradition of India.

 Ayurveda, the "Science of life” is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between body, mind, and spirit. It offers optimal health for all by showing us how to understand the language of nature and life. 

Yoga is the "Science of Self-realization" that depends upon a well-functioning body and mind.

Both disciplines developed together and influenced each other throughout history. Therefore those who are interested in one would benefit from studying the other.

You will find tips and techniques on diet, exercise, and lifestyle regimes to help you regain balance and take control of your life.

Restoring wholeness in body, mind, and spirit is what we are all seeking, both individually and collectively.

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“Who we are is the result of how we live and act on a daily basis. Our daily actions reflect our prime values and motivations."

 David Frawley

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People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As a Yoga Instructor, I see it as a personal practice which affects everyone differently.

Eszter is the absolute best yoga instructor I've ever had. Her energy regarding her practice is calming and yet motivational, all the while being extremely earnest,- you can tell that she truly believes in and loves what she does. Highly recommended for practitioners of any and every level!

Marc Z.

Eszter is incredibly patient, knowledgeable and she has a wonderful, generous personality. She works with you at your own level and then assists you in just moving a little more forward as much as you can. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Eszter and to be working with her. You couldn't ask for a kinder, wiser instructor! In just a few lessons I feel I have come so far already!

Alan S.

Eszter’s restorative class is the best way to end off the day. Through her guidance, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the poses and focus on letting go. I highly recommend Eszter's classes for those who deal with a lot of stress in their lives! I always leave feeling super relaxed.

Angela C.

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